The gigantic green and yellow Link buses are needless to say, a common sight all over Kampala, Uganda’s capital. At least, we’ve all come across one as it carefully navigates its way through Uganda’s crowded streets, perhaps bringing to light that the greatest empires come from the most passionate, humble beginnings.

Mr. Solomon Nsimire, an Electrical Engineer by profession as well as the company’s Managing Director candidly recalls Link Bus Services’ rise to being one of the most prominent, reputable and reliable passenger transportation companies in Uganda today. The much admired mega brand was inspired by the Director’s deeply rooted passion for the transportation industry. Solomon’s journey in passenger transportation dates back in 1996 when as Sole Proprietor, he acquired his first 14-seater mini bus locally known as “Kamunye” which was commuting within Kampala city and the environs. He worked hard and by 2002 he had added expanded the fleet to seven vehicles five of which were 35-seater mini buses also known as “Coasters”. In 2003 Solomon sold off the mini buses and acquired his first 67-seater bus which was licensed to operate between Kampala City and Kagadi in the then Kibaale District under the trade name LINK literally derived from the service of linking/connecting people from one area to another. By 2009 the bus fleet had been expanded to eight 65-seater buses operating from Kampala to three destinations in Western Uganda.

Owing to steady growth in business operations, Mr. Solomon Nsimire and his wife, Mrs. Beatrice Nsimire founded and registered Link Bus Services Limited under the laws of Republic of Uganda. Organized management systems and structures were consequently put in place to ensure smooth business operations and all assets previously owned by Solomon Nsimire under sole proprietorship were transferred to Link Bus Services Limited. From its inception in 2010 to date, Link Bus Services Limited boasts of a fleet of over Ninety 67-seater fully functional buses operating along ten routes across Uganda and employs over 450 direct and indirect workers who provide timely, reliable, affordable, efficient and safe travel to over 7000 passengers daily.

Mr. Solomon Nsimire-Managing Director

At Link Bus Services Limited, serving you to the best of our abilities and ensuring that you have such an amazing and memorable journey brings us great joy and satisfaction.

Future Prospects

We look forward to strengthening the priceless bond we share with our clientele through offering highly satisfactory and commendable services within the routes in which we operate. We strongly believe that customer service supersedes expansion and plans to purchase six new buses before the end of 2017 as well as six more in 2018 are underway, as an effort towards satisfying our steadily increasing client base.

Given the wide spread road construction across Uganda, Link Bus Services looks forward to conquering new routes and further opening up and linking Uganda to the rest of the world.

  • To provide timely, reliable, affordable, efficient, and safe passenger travel that meets customer expectations.
  • To be the leading company in the provision of passenger transport services in the East African Region.
  • To operate efficiently for business sustainability
  • To satisfy our customers whenever we are given chance to be of service
  • To conform to set schedules along all our routes of operation
  • To adhere to the Safety and Health Act 2006
  • To enhance career development for the company work force

Our Difference

As Link Bus Services Limited, we strongly believe our unbeatable customer service is what makes us stand out. From its conceptualization to its terminals and transportation services, Link Bus services are specifically crafted for your ultimate comfort. Choosing to travel with Link Bus Services Limited entitles you to;

Whether you are travelling to the beautifully captivating Rwenzori region for holiday or Bwera for business, Link Bus has got you covered. With over 10 major operational bus routes to choose from, you can be assured of top notch customer service and a very comfortable, efficient and safe trip.
We are committed to availing you the most reliable, timely services at very unbeatable prices. We always ensure timely departures at all our terminals thereby minimizing the possibility of late departures. Worried about arriving after your bus has departed? We’ve got you covered. As long as you avail a valid unused ticket, you are eligible to board the next bus and our extremely supportive staff is right there to help you. We always endeavor to give our customers the best service worth every dime paid.
As part of our company objectives, we strongly believe in the beauty of commendable customer service. Through rigorous weekly training sessions, we always invest in and ensure that our staff has the capacity to handle changing client needs at all times. From the passenger guides that will show you the way around the terminal and lead you to the ticket counter to top management, you can always be sure of a very friendly, helpful and homely aura.
Besides its excellent transportation services, Link Bus Services is also known for its state of the art Bus terminals in all its destinations. From clean and well maintained washrooms, beefed up security, waiting rooms, plasma screens to cater for your entertainment, well stocked canteens, designated rooms where one can safely keep their luggage, very friendly and warm staff, Link Bus Services Limited has a lot to offer its clients who prefer to stay overnight in pursuit of the first morning bus or simply relax without being worried.
From the time you choose Link Bus Services to the time you safely reach your choice destination, we treat your trust in our services as a sacred commitment we must uphold. You see, we look beyond present comfort and cater for oversights like mechanical problems that might arise along the way by ensuring that every working bus has a qualified mechanic on its team. As a leading, prestigious transport service provider people can easily associate with, and a fleet of over 90 functional buses, we see to it that we avail an alternative bus in the shortest time possible just in case technical issues arise en route to your destination. Although such incidents are extremely rare, we strongly believe in helping people and their luggage safely reach their destination and that’s exactly what we do.
Link Bus holds the safety of all its customers in very high regard and fully complies with the Safety and Health act 2006. Before departure, each bus undergoes rigorous testing and servicing at our fully equipped garage overseen by our highly qualified and trained technical team. In addition to that, each travelling bus has a qualified mechanic on board. This is done to make sure you travel in vehicle whose condition is unquestionable. In a bid to ensure your safety, we go an extra mile by equipping all our buses with fully stocked first aid kits and fire extinguishers in very good condition. Our staff is also given basic training on how to respond to emergency situations like fire outbreaks. Link Bus also empowers its customers by giving them security tips, travel tips as well as encouraging them to be vigilant. The most fascinating feature though, is the extremely vigilant security team. In order to ensure our collective safety, the team actively interacts with customers, monitors the terminals, thoroughly checks all buses and gates and looks out for any suspicious activity or luggage that is left unattended to. Additionally, all terminals and ongoing activity are monitored with the help of CCTV cameras at all times