Your arrival at a Link Bus Terminal is usually characterized by happy crew members, smartly clad in green uniforms, lit faces and beaming smiles. Besides welcoming you, they play a very important role of guiding you through the terminal, helping you find a bus and escorting you to the ticket counter of the customer care section so you can get yourself a ticket. All Link Bus Services Limited Passenger guides are always dressed in uniform to ensure that passengers easily locate and approach them, as well as to avoid the possibility of falling victim to fraudsters. Our passenger guides, just like any other Link Bus Staff are specially trained to make your navigation around out terminals very easy and to avail you the warmest customer service.
As tradition, all Link Bus Terminals have well facilitated customer care offices, with extraordinarily diligent staff. Our customer care department is responsible for the overall well being of Link Bus clientele at our terminals. They also issue Link Bus tickets (at the ticket counters), and help passengers in search of more information (like bus schedules, fares, lost/cancelled/rescheduled tickets, lost items etc). With the help of our public address systems, our customer care service team also keeps Link Bus clients present at our terminals informed at all times concerning Bus arrival and departure times, free safety and travel tips and any other information that comes in handy.
Our security team is by far one of the most vigilant and hardworking as well as one of the biggest reasons you can always be assured of safety when it comes to Link Bus. All our security personnel undergo training and are very conversant with security procedures. From thoroughly checking all buses before passengers board to monitoring every activity on our terminals via CCTV surveillance, performing thorough security searches at all entry points, interacting with clients, looking out for any suspicious activity like signs of criminality or property that is left unattended and coordinating with the Uganda Police, we always do whatever it takes to prioritize your safety and that of your luggage.
We give all our clients the chance to experience our first class customer care. We do understand that travelling with luggage can be pretty hectic, which is why we have a very energetic luggage team, pumped up to take great care of your luggage and ensure its safety. For passengers who wish to keep their luggage somewhere safe as they await their bus or overnight, our team will be more than happy to guide you to our clean, spacious and secure luggage room. The best part is that our secure luggage storage offer comes at absolutely no cost. Our team is also responsible for loading and offloading your luggage, a task always executed with utmost care so you never have to worry about carrying heavy loads or mishandling of luggage.

Our Bus Crew is perhaps, the most exciting of all our teams. In order to ensure we live up to our commitment of giving you a very affordable, reliable, efficient, timely and safe journey, we always make sure Link Bus Services Limited is very well represented in each departing bus. Our typical bus crew mainly consists of four:

  • A Bus Driver: Well trained, very refreshed and eager to drive you safely to your destination.
  • A Bus Conductor: Besides their customer care skills that will make your journey worthwhile, Bus conductors are also in charge of collecting tickets, ensuring you get a seat and maintaining general order on the bus. They are also the friendly companions that will show you where and when to disembark just in case you are not very sure of your destination.
  • Bus Attendant: Offloading your luggage once you reach your destination is the last thing you should worry about while travelling with Link Bus Services Limited. A very energetic van man is always onboard, ready to carefully offload your luggage once you reach your point of disembarkation.
  • Technician: To complete our all round, ever ready bus crew, we always ensure that very qualified, well trained and well equipped mechanics are part of every bus crew. We highly value your trust and time and understand that no one would love being stranded in case of any technical setback. We want your travel with Link Bus to be very peaceful and pleasant, which is why even after rigorous motor vehicle tests, we put all oversights into serious consideration and ensure we do whatever we possibly can so you reach your destination.


Travel with us across Uganda and experience safety, comfort, reliability and timely travel, all at very affordable rates