Fortportal, a town located in western Uganda, Fortportal district is your gateway into the famous and beautiful Tooro Kingdom. It is named after Sir Gerald Portal, a British Commissioner for Uganda during the colonial times, whose statue graces the main road of the town. Not only is this town known for its beauty and cleanliness but also key sites like the Royal place atop a hill, Amabere ga Nyinamwiru, the Karambi tombs, a vast golf course and of course, the beautiful botanical gardens. Fortportal’s uniqueness however lies not only in its beauty but also its cool climate, best enjoyed with a freshly brewed cup of the finest Ugandan tea, grown and picked from the vast tea plantations just a stone throw away. As Link Bus, we not only make it possible for you to explore this beauty but also make your journey hassle free, with our well facilitated Link Bus Terminal. Located on Kamuhigi road, our terminal which was launched on 7th/08/2017 boasts of

  • A Fully stocked canteen
  • Spacious and clean waiting lounge
  • DSTV for all your entertainment
  • Very clean lavatories
  • Very clean and secure luggage store.

With over 1000 daily passengers and 30 buses checking in, our hardworking and well trained staff avail all the guidance you need and see to it that you indeed experience our reputable customer care. Our earliest bus departs for Kampala at 4:30am and our last bus does the same at 11:30 pm. We treat your security as a priority which is why besides our well trained security personnel and the presence of metal and bomb detectors, our terminal is very close to a police post.

Departure Time Arrival time
Fortportal 05:00am Kampala 04:00pm
06:00am 05:00pm
07:00am 06:00pm
08:00am 07:00pm
09:00am 08:00pm
Buses check out every after an hour till 07:00pm Buses check in every after an hour till 07:00pm

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Our smartly clad Link Bus Fort Portal managerial team

A client booking a ticket at our Link Bus ticket counter, Fort portal

Clients watching Tv and enjoying the serenity of our Fort portal waiting lounge.

Kiculeta Police Post, situated at our Fort portal bus terminal

Our clean and spacious canteen located at our Fort portal terminal