Safety First

With over 20 years of experience and more than 7000 daily passengers, our prestigious brand is here to assure you of your safety. You see, we start looking out for you from the time you set foot in any of our terminals to the time you safely reach your destination. So whether you are onboard or sipping cold orange juice in the waiting room, passenger and luggage safety is something you can always be sure of. As a company, we also strongly adhere to the Safety and Health Act, 2006.

In order to ensure all round passenger and luggage safety, we;

  • Regularly service and rigorously test each of our buses to ensure they are in perfect mechanical condition.With a fully equipped garage located in Rubaga and a highly qualified and dedicated team of technicians, our buses are always safe for travel before they hit the road.
  • Hold safety in such high regard that every driver is thoroughly screened, trained and certified prior to employment.
  • Constantly train and encourage all our staff members to be vigilant and responsible.
  • Have a team of trained security personnel that conduct security swipes, monitor and oversee general security of each terminal, look out for suspicion and coordinate with the police where need be.
  • Ensure that all our buses have fire extinguishers and fully stocked first aid kits. We also go the extra mile by training our staff on how to operate fire extinguishers or use a first aid kit in case of an emergency.
  • Use CCTV surveillance constantly monitored by trained security personnel to keep track of all activity on each of our bus terminals thus curbing criminality.
  • Give passengers travel and security tips( with the help of our public address systems) on how they can keep their hand luggage safe, stay vigilant, spot suspicious activity and travel safe.
  • Ensure that our drivers and employees are not overworked in order to prevent road accidents.
  • Avail a free, clean and secure storage room where passengers awaiting their buses or staying overnight can safely keep their luggage at no cost and worry.
  • Employ friendly, resourceful and vigilant passenger guides to lead people to the ticket counter and help people safely navigate their way round the terminal


At Link Bus Services Limited, we strongly believe it is our mandate to ensure that you are safe, right from the time you entrust us with your transportation needs to the time you, your luggage or parcel safely reach your destination, which is why we own a Link Bus Garage.

Located in Rubaga division, Kampala, our fully equipped, well maintained garage, which is more than six years old enables us keep our entire fleet of automobiles in great shape safe enough for your travel. We conduct regular and rigorous tests on each of our automobiles and fix where need be, before they are allowed on the road. Link Bus Services Limited fully complies to the Health and Safety Act 2006, which is why motor accidents are relatively unheard of when it comes to our brand. We always do whatever it takes, at all costs to ensure that your safety is never compromised.

Our garage, headed by a chief engineer comprises of a team of 20 qualified and well trained technicians. Maintenance works are performed on each bus after every route as a safety standard.

Additionally, each terminal has a qualified, well trained mechanic to repair any damages that may arise.

Katula Stanely - Chief Engineer

Engineering Team

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