Terms and Conditions of Service

Terms and conditions of Travel

  1. Your ticket is valid for the date & time of travel as indicated.
  2. Your ticket is not transferable to any other person and can not be cancelled or refunded.
  3. The ticket holder must report to the ticket office half and hour before departure.
  4. Luggage is carried at owners risk.
  5. Luggae under 10kg is carried free. Additional luggage weight is carried upon payment of standard company luggage charges.
  6. In case a passenger breaks the journey enroute, no refund can be made.
  7. Ensure correctness of this ticket at the booking office. Mistakes cannot be rectified later.

Terms and conditions of Carriage

All goods are carried under and subjected to to Link Bus Terms and Conditions of Carriage and this receipt constitutes a contract between the sender and the company (Link Bus).

  1. Customers should provide invoices for their merchandise to Link Bus and give clear declaration of items to be carried.
  2. Link Bus will not be liable for the invisible internal technical damage e.g. machine like: Laptops, TV Screens, printers etc
  3. Customers are advised to properly package their goods as Link Bus will not be liable for damages due to poor packaging.
  4. Link Bus will not be liable for loss of profits by customers that may arise due to business interruption.
  5. Customers dealing in functional ceremonies like Weddings, funerals etc. are advised to deliver their goods to Link Bus on time as Link Bus will not be liable for the spoilage/ loss of freshness /quality /delays that may arise due to unavoidable circumstances
  6. Customers travelling with their goods are responsible for them since Link Bus will not compensate incase of loss.
  7. Breakables are carried at owners risk and if accepted, Link Bus will not be liable for any damage.
  8. Link Bus will not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of situations beyond our control. These include but not limited to acts of God e.g floods, accidents, mechanical breakdown.
  9. Link Bus is not liable for loss due to delays by clients to pick their items.
  10. Link Bus liability is strictly limited to direct losses ONLY and will pay compensation not exceeding 50% of the item value while also considering depreciation value.
  11. Link Bus does not transport any material classified as hazardous, dangerous, prohibited and restricted.
  12. Clients are advised to insure their goods as Link Bus will not be held responsible for damages due to circumstances beyond our control.


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